Closest of all my siblings in age to me, Ray and I used to fight regularly as kids. I don't remember what provoked the fights, but I am sure they were his fault. Our regularly scheduled conflicts did not keep us from building Lego cars to ramp down the staircase or throwing action figures out second story windows with makeshift, albeit usually pretty effective, parachutes. 

One thing I learned quickly as a kid was to remind Mom that Ray was very good at taking things apart and putting them back together. That worked well for both of us. It got me out of work that I really could have done and it helped Ray practice for the real world as an engineer. 

Like our older brother, Ray went to Vanderbilt for his undergraduate degree.  He completed his masters in engineering at Stanford.  After working as a mechanical engineer at Motorola for a few years and then in bio-tech, Ray is back in school working on his Ph.D.

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