Given how much school I have completed, one would think this section would be half the website.  Luckily for both of us, it is not.  I will just leave this section mostly as just links; however, I would encourage you to look in on the music and international sections, two very large parts of my academic experiences.

Where you would have gone to school if you followed me around all my life. . ..

(I knew someone was following me)

Culver Military Academy - Back, back to Culver days, the song . . .. Just in case you want to check out my high school.

College of William and Mary in Virginia - Oh, college days.

Beijing Normal University - Yet another school (this one was only for six months).

Chinese University of Hong Kong - Another school of mine (just for one year).

Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts - Three years in Hong Kong studying music.  I am often asked, "Why?"  "Because I was there." 

Indiana University - Considering the School of Music is almost in its own little separate school, that might be more relevant. Let's see . . . ah here is the link.

Kelley School of Business (Indiana University) - Finished an MBA there in 2005.

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