In a family of unusual characters, Anne is the rocky road to our mere chocolate chip oddball personalities.  My favorite description of Anne dates back to a few years before her attending Culver Girls Academy for

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  high school. At that time, I went to Culver Military School. Anne was looking forward to going there because the girls there "got" to wear dresses every day. My older brother remarked that one should not be deceived by this comment since Anne's fondness for dresses was because they were merely the most entertaining clothes in which to play in a mud puddle or climb a tree.

Anne shares my mother's love of art, though she does considerably more three dimensional art and much less with canvas, brushes, and oil - unless you count painting her house, which is a whole topic unto itself.  Anne is also quite the shutterbug, which seems to be a trait shared among my siblings.

Sis graduated from Wake Forest.  She flew helicopters at the Grand Canyon for several years.  More recently, she has been flying emergency medical helicopters in Indiana.  She doesn't get to wear a dress to work, but her flight suit is pretty cool . . ..

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