Until he went to college at Vanderbilt, I usually only saw my older half brother during the summers.  After that, his visits were more frequent.  For a few years, I saw him more than any of my other siblings.

Once upon a time, Anthony was a professional photographer.  Artistically, I think he was quite good.  Some of his pictures from Russia are among the best I have ever seen.  After a few years, he decided he was looking for something else in a career.   Still, he is a good person to have around on trips or get-togethers as he still has a very good eye for setting up a nice shot (or at least making a snap shot not look too bad).

After nursing school, Anthony worked at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, IL and later in Rockford, IL, where he worked with high risk cases.  In the fall of 2003, Anthony expanded our family by marrying Adrianna Martin.  Since then, the two have moved back to Indiana.  A few months after my son was born, they had their first son, Byron, as well.  Their daughter, Jane, arrived about 8 months after Calvin was born.  Anthony, unlike me, decided that working and raising a family was simply not challenging enough, so he decided that completing a Ph.D. (which he has done) and doing triathlons would spice things up a bit.

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