Eric is my youngest sibling - a little more than seven years younger than me and nearly fifteen years younger than my older brother. He claims that he received lots of abuse as the youngest.  My mother jokes that it is that abuse that drove him to the Air Force Academy. The rest of us complain about all the advantages Eric had being raised by parents that had already been worn down by his bothers and sister.

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Our list is long enough and has enough hints of truth that we can constantly remind him of it.

Perhaps the most striking things about Eric is although he is from a very loquacious family, Eric rarely talks. Sure, if you corner him, he can talk for hours with the best of us, but normally if there are more than two people in a room, he is quite silent. We're not sure if that is from abuse, a genetic mutation, or just being smart.  He usually comes across as the strong, but silent type.  In my family it is odd.  Like my brother Ray, Eric is trained as an engineer.  Whether or not he will use those skills remains to be seen.

Eric is the most recently married of all the sibs.  He and Wendy King got hitched in 2009.  Fortunately, Eric's wedding was timed so that Hyounsoo and I could make a trip back from Korea to attend. 

Currently, Eric flies helicopters for the Air Force. 

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