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Hyounsoo and I met while performing in the opera Faust in January of 2001.  We did not really get to know each other until March of that year.  Fortunately, we shared the same accompanist and as such managed to bump into each other (by accident and by design) until we had a better chance to get acquainted.  By winter of that year I had begun looking around for a ring.  We did not actually get engaged until March 12, 2002 (both because of my desire to time it with the "anniversary" of our first getting to spend time together and because I decided on a custom designed ring).  We were married July 20, 2002.

In addition to having a glowing personality, a great sense of wit, and elegance to match her charm, Hyounsoo is also a very accomplished mezzo-soprano.  Her professional website is here

Hyounsoo is very popular with my family as well.  Before we got married, I was informed by my older brother that the rest of the family had decided that if Hyounsoo and I were to split up, they would like to keep her instead of me. 

She is a lovely woman, whom I am lucky to have met, let alone marry. 

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