I love 'em.  For me working on a computer is like trying to put together

Check out Popillon, I mind game I wrote for Windows.
a puzzle.  The first computer we had in my house as a kid was the Texas Instruments 99-4A.  My father, who had worked with punch card computers in grad school, had the first generation of IBM PC's (back when 128K of RAM was a big deal).  As a kid, I programmed for fun in my father's shop after work was completed.

From 2001 to 2003, nearly all of my programming was limited to web development (both server and client side programming).  Occasionally, I would take some time to write more traditional programs

In addition to development work, I do a considerable amount of graphics design.  Originally, this was mainly for the internet and some print work, but more recently, I have mainly focused on family photos and such.  My work in graphics design is grouped together with in the web development section.

Recently, most of my programming has been limited to complex worksheets and macros for Excel.  While not as exotic as some of the programming I used to do, this work has generally proven more valuable.  Occasionally, it has been more of a time sink - like the time I decided to see if I could make Excel solve the "Peg Game" (you can find out what I am talking about on Google if you are unsure which game I am describing).

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