Music has been a very large part of my life.  My main musical activity was opera for which I have made its own page.  I have tried to go beyond just singing though.  While I didn't do it too much,  I enjoyed the little composing I did do.  In the links below you can sample one of my joke pieces.

In addition to composing, I have directed an opera and also attempted to learn the piano.  My efforts in directing were much more fruitful than my efforts at the piano. 

Currently, my musical interest pretty much sits unattended.  Like many parents, I find between work, family, and chores, there is little time for much else (at least little time for productive things).

Here are a few links that may be useful and are most definitely pertinent to my own musical interests.

Here is something. Can you name that tune? It is one of the most famous melodies of all time - or it was until I started mucking with it. has the largest collection of art song translations and texts that I have seen.

Indiana School of Music - I was hoping that I would have gotten extra credit for having this link, but I never did.

Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts - Where I was studying music before Indiana University.

The William and Mary Choir Alumni Page - Pass the crowbar (don't ask).

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