Mom & Dad

My parents, Alma and Steve Lathrop are both from Indianapolis.  Having grown up in the city, they decided to live in the country.  They moved to their current home before I was born. 

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Our home was originally a milk cooling barn for a dairy operation.  They decided that they could either get a house or renovate the original structure.  They chose to renovate it, so while it does not really look like it, they can claim they live in a barn. 

My father and mother both have a great interest in horses.  When I was young, my father still had a trophy or two from when he was in the rodeo.  My mother had more conventional horse show trophies around the house.

One of my father's other great passions has been automobile racing.  His racing company used to be located just across from our house, but later he and his current business partner merged their skills into a new company.  Their website can be seen here.

My mother is also an avid amateur artist.  Her work ranges painting Christmas presents for my grandparents when we were children to birdhouses to  full-sized paintings on canvas. 

That my parents were able to raise five children who get along with each other and frequently travel to check back on one another, I believe speaks well of their success as parents.

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