As I have mentioned, most of my programming is web based (both server-side and client-side).  Still, occasionally I break out Visual C++ and work on something new, or make some modifications to an existing program.  I also do a fair amount of modeling in Excel to solve various business problems. 

The programs below are all years old, but they are still in use by myself and others.

A Few Recent Programs


Popillon is the only game I sold.  It is based off a puzzle that I used to have on my PDA and had heard is available for desktop systems.  Instead of a simple remake of the game, Popillon has a number of features beyond any previous version that I have seen.  It is very addictive.  Please check it out and if you like it tell other people about it.

Shattered Realms

"Shattered Realms" is just a working title for an internet based game I was working on, but put on hold when my partner (who was going to manage the server) dropped out.  Originally, I considered hosting it on my home computer, but decided against it because of the security risks.  Anyway, the game was a multiplayer strategy game that can theoretically serve about 30,000 players from a Windows server.

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