Get Your Own Registered Copy for Free 

Right now Popillon is suffering from poor distribution and no extra skins.  I will gladly give a copy of Popillon to those that can help me with those two problems.  I know that this is not much, but I hope it will be a little more of a reward than a "thanks" and also helps draw attention to some of the game's needs.

If you are a webmaster of a relatively busy site and are willing to put an add for Popillon on it, please let me know and I will give you a copy for your efforts.  I know it is not much, but I hope that you will also do it because you enjoy the game and thing others will too.  What counts as a busy site?  I can't really say, but right now the most references I get from any one site is about two per day.  If you think your site can generate one or more hits per day, please put a link on your site and then contact me.  My web tracker will clearly indicate how many unique hits your site will generate.  As long as your effort is an honest attempt to help me out and your site does get enough traffic to generate some hits for me, that is good enough for me. 

If you are not a webmaster, you can still get a free copy of the game if you create an original and high quality skin for the game, which I can distribute on the game's web page.  I won't distribute anything that could be considered offensive.  I know high quality is a relative term, but for now, I will be so happy to have someone making skins that I will be generous.  If you are considering making a skin, feel free to contact me to first make sure that this offer is still valid (I will give at least a two week notice before withdrawing the offer) and for any tips you might need (since I have played around with designing them myself, I have an idea on what works and what does not).  Also, contacting me will give you an opportunity to request I make a change to make your skin work better in the game.


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