Birth came to Arthur in the manner that it came to most of us (as a pretty big shock), with the notable exception that most of us were not born October 11, 1972 in Indianapolis. That aside, there was not much to interest those not directly connected with that event.  In fact, rumor has it that Arthur recalls little of the event.

Like his birth, there is probably not too much to be said about his early childhood.  He grew up on a farm just outside of Indianapolis, from where most of his extended family comes.  Accompanying him there were three brothers, a sister, two parents, two gerbils, the occasional bird, many cats, a few dogs, and some useful animals (who were less interesting than the multitudes of domestics). Aside from all those animals, not much of interest seems to come out of those years, aside from Arthur demonstrating a talent in mathematics and science and an utter lack of talent in dancing and cricket.  Well, actually, the lack of talent in cricket was displayed more in the fact he did not know how the game was played for the majority of those pre-teen times.  Actually, he did not even know what cricket was (aside from a thing that looks like a brown grasshopper).

As high school struck, unlike most children his age, Arthur made a dash for a military school. While definitely not hard core military, Culver was a bit more disciplined than what he had experienced before.  Academically, Arthur had a field day at Culver getting all sorts of "nerd" awards for achievements in math, science, etc.  He also rowed crew for a few years, acted, and started singing.  So far, the majority of his long time friends are those made back at Culver.

William and Mary was where he ended up for undergrad.  There he started taking Chinese because "German was full."  That blossomed into a strong interest in Chinese culture and language (now "languages"), including six months studying in Beijing.  Academically, William and Mary was not as stellar as high school - Arthur had other priorities, though what those were seems to have faded with time.  Still, he managed to escape with cum laude and a double major in Psychology and East Asian Studies, so no one can hold that against him. 

After graduating, he ran off to Hong Kong to continue studying Mandarin and to start learning Cantonese.  Arthur was planning to spend two years in Hong Kong while he prepared for a career in international business.  One year later he was at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts studying for a degree in singing. He completed a diploma there and an additional year before he transferred to Indiana University's School of Music.  There he studied with Carlos Montané and completed a BM in Vocal Performance in two years.

In his last semester at Indiana University, he met Hyounsoo.  Partially because Bloomington seemed as nice a place as any and partially because he was becoming increasingly serious about her, Arthur decided to work in Bloomington as a web designer and developer.  In the summer of 2002, Hyounsoo and Arthur were married in Seoul, Korea. 

In the fall of 2003, Arthur began his MBA at Kelley School of Business.  Hyounsoo completed her diploma in opera performance and began a prestigious artist diploma.  In the spring of 2005, Arthur completed his MBA (dual major: marketing and decision support modeling).  After relocating for work and waiting a bit longer than expected, Hyounsoo gave birth Allen Juno Lathrop.  A few weeks after that Arthur began working for 3M's Optical Systems Division as a marketer.  He continues to work there today.  In 2008, Hyounsoo and Arthur had their second child Calvin Juhan Lathrop. 

In 2009, he took an international assignment and moved with his family to South Korea.  They stayed there for most of the year.  At the end of the assignment, his family moved back to the Twin Cities, where they live to this day.

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